Gurpeet Singh Rai, popularly known as Gurps Rai, is the co-founder and CEO of droppTV, an interactive media platform that enables viewers of video content to perform “on-screen shopping” with just a simple click.

"droppTV exists today because of a jacket I saw in a music video. The artist in the video was wearing an amazing jacket and I had to have it, but after wasting an entire day trying to track it down, I only fell further down the Google “rabbit hole” and eventually gave up. It occurred to me that I should be able to simply tap on the screen and purchase the jacket right from the video itself, and I wondered, “Why hasn’t anybody thought of that yet?” After doing some research I quickly realized that a lot of people had thought of it, but all attempts to pull off a shoppable video experience previously had failed. But why?"

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Shop and watch your fav artist's music video with the droppTV app.

droppTV is a shoppable streaming platform at the intersection of music, culture, fashion, and celebrity that empowers artists to create virtual pop-up shops in their music videos so they can sell their own merchandise, limited-edition and luxury streetwear apparel. It is the future of content-driven commerce, taking traditional retail and video models and fusing them to create something new to reach the hypebeast hungry consumer driven by a "See it. Want it. Buy it." impulse. 

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