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Gurps Rai

Gurpeet Singh Rai, popularly known as Gurps Rai, is the co-founder and CEO of droppTV, an interactive media platform that enables viewers of video content to perform “on-screen shopping” with just a simple click.

Rai started his career in financial services at the London-based specialist broker First Rate, where he handled foreign exchange transitions for large businesses based in the commodities market. After leaving the company, he became a prominent figure in the global carbon market, a key tool in encouraging businesses to help mitigate climate change. During that time, he was the architect of an international offset deal with sportswear giant Nike, WinRock, and the American Carbon Registry, and at age 29 he was the host for an event related to the United Nations’ COP 17 international summit in Durban, South Africa with Sir Richard Branson’s company Carbon War Room. Rai was also one of the early investors and partners in the crypto currency Ven, and in April 2011 he was part of a team of crypto enthusiasts who to successfully facilitated a commodity trade using virtual currency.

dropptv, Gurps Rai
gurps rai, dropptv ceo
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Outside of financial services, Rai has helped the United Nations NGO United Sikhs build a drug rehabilitation clinic in Punjab, India, and was also the creator of what the media branded “the world’s most expensive trainers.” Named “The Fire Monkey” in celebration of the Chinese New Year, the shoes were encrusted with several hundred white diamonds and blue sapphires set in 18-karat gold and cost $4 million. The shoes were created to raise funds for Soles4Souls, a non-profit that fights poverty through the distribution of shoes and clothing. In 2017, he helped fund the first stage of a state-of-the-art boxing gym at a sports facility in the Cayman Islands alongside boxing legend Manny Pacquiao.

In 2020, Rai officially launched droppTV, the world’s first shoppable streaming platform. The platform is powered by the company’s proprietary artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision algorithm which recognizes products in video content and tags them in real-time, allowing for quick and simple one-click purchasing. In addition to creating a streamlined shopping experience, the app has the potential to become a huge alternative marketplace for talented musicians and video content creators, allowing them to generate sustainable income without having to depend on third parties such as record labels.