Meet The Disruptors: Gurps Rai of droppTV On The Three Things You Need To Shake Up Your Industry

The best 3 words of advice I have ever been given happen to all fit together in a single phrase: “Never give up.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve repeated those words to myself. They also have been words I have passed onto others. I first got the idea for what became droppTV several years ago. The idea wasn’t fully formed, and the tech didn’t exist for it to work, and everyone told me that others had tried and failed at a similar concept. When something just feels like it has to get done, I can’t not do it. I practice meditation; it helps ground me. I mention that because “Never give up“ has become a sort of mantra for me. I really believe that you have to consciously remind yourself to keep forging ahead — otherwise, you’ll just be another guy who had a great idea.

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Asa part of our series about business leaders who are shaking things up in their industry, I had the pleasure of interviewing Gurps Rai.

Gurps Rai is the founder and CEO of droppTV (@droppTV), the world’s first shoppable streaming platform that allows users to instantly purchase products from inside the video itself. Launching their platform with a hyper-focus on music videos, droppTV’s patented, See it, Want it, Get it™, technology has already changed the way artists are able to monetize their music videos. Now droppTV is expanding into original content and new verticals.