The Essential Sneakerhead Starter Pack, According To DroppTV’s Gurps Singh Rai

Have you ever seen something on a TV show, in a music video, or through a commercial and thought, man, I should pick that up? Have you ever been frustrated you couldn’t just press a button and get it delivered to your door? Welcome to DroppTV, a retail platform I am personally grateful didn’t exist when I was a kid for fear of the trouble I would have gotten into with my parents overusing it. Focusing on sneakers and streetwear, DroppTV airs a constantly rotating selection of music videos and custom video content. See a jacket you dig? Notice your favorite rapper rocking a pair of kicks you suddenly have to have for yourself? No problem. In just a few clicks, DroppTV can make it yours.

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It’s hard for a new brand to carve out a space for itself in the sneaker market these days. Gimmicks will only take you so far and the dominant names (StockX, GOAT, etc.) have a bit of a stranglehold on things, it often seems. DroppTV’s platform may sound a little crazy but it’s making an impact—and it works. The interface is seamless and the lineup of products it offers is pretty killer. It’s what you’d expect from mastermind Gurps Singh Rai, one of the minds behind the service. We caught up with Gurps to talk grails, his latest pickups, and what sneakers have been in his rotation lately.